A real surprise!

We had an amazing Christmas dinner at Ristorante all’Olivo in Lucca Italy . We were totally full of all the delicious courses they brought us from the kitchen, and waiting for the bill, when suddenly a co-customer appeared next to Giusto. He wanted to give their “doggie bag” to Giusto ! Wow! never ever experienced […]

Santa Claus found us!

He is one of a kind! Normally we are at Xmas time near his place, in Finnish Lapland, but even now when we’re in Italy he had found us. Unfortunately we were having dinner at the time he had visited our room, but he had left the presents 🙂 Ihme ukko tuo Pukki, löysi tiensä […]

Today it was Florence

Today we went to see Florence. It is just some 60 km’s away from Lucca, and the speedway takes there very easily. Traffic was quiet, we thought until we reached to city! Yupe, there were somebody else, too searching for the parking lot. We were lucky and found one, and off to the citywalk. Giusto […]

It is leaning! at Pisa today

Yeah, we saw it with our own eyes! The tower really is leaning! 🙂 actually more, than we thought in forehand. It was also a tough day for Giusto, it was countless number of times he was noticed. While I climbed 296 steps up, Sari entertained tourists with G. Some even asked that if they […]

Here we are: in Italy ! :)

(editors: Jukka the English version, and Sari for the Finnish) Long time no sea! Wow, finally we are able to be here with our Giusto. We have been in Italy with Sari, say 15 to 20 times the past 15 yrs, and we have every time longed for our dogs at home.  So to be […]

Ready for the last leg to Lucca

A good and morning walk, in beautiful town of Lindau, in beautiful weather.Great b-fast, and time to move on. Hyvä aamukävely takana, kaunis kaupunki ja hieno sää. Loistava aamupala, joten aika jatkaa matkaa.

Germany is rolling

Just signed in the hotel in Lubeck. The sea journey went ok, even if it was pretty hard (head) wind in the Baltic Sea. m/s Nordlink is such large vessel, that is was smooth and soft rolling, but when you are used to it the hotel corridor was also rolling… 😉 Giusto did excellent, no […]